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Tools for Statistics / Statistical science
1. StaStat ; Package of statistical tools such as clinical sample size calculator

2. BartlettTest ; Variance test for multiple groups

3. ChiSquare ; Chi-square test. The test for independence. Mantel-extension test

4. EpidemRisk ; Epidemiological test for the odds ratio and the relative risk

5. Smirnov Test ; Test for an extreme element in the data

6. ScreeningTest ; Screening results of 2 x 2 contingency table

7. McNemarTest ; Comparison of proportions of paired data

8. PairedT ; Comparison of difference for two related groups

9. UnpairedT ; Comparison of average for two independent groups

10. ANOVA ; One-way analysis variance test. Comparison of average for three or more independent groups

11. EDCpro; Expected date of confinement calculator for doctors.

12. Cochran; Cochran test, Mantel-Haenszel test. Cochran-Armitage test. Tests for proportion

13. L Regression; Linear regression & Logistic regression. Not only parameters but also regression line with 95% confidence intervals are presented.

Life Style and/or Education
1. realJapan ; The life in Japan

2. realUniverse ; We in the universe. See Lorentz transformation.

3. EDClite; pregnancy calendar for pregnant women.

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StaStat for iOS 6

StaStat for iOS 6

This is a tool of statisitcs. Created for researchers, doctors, student, etc.
1) chi-square test with Yates' correction automatically, and Fisher exact test foe 2 x 2 contingency table,
2) proportional test for two groups,
3) variance test for two groups,
4) clinical sample size calculator for effectiveness as an endpoint in a clinical study,
5) clinical sample size calculator for survival as an endpoint in a clinical study,
6) kappa coefficient of two raters, suppl.) body surface area (in metric, and English system) and body mass index

Bartlett test

Bartlett Test for iOS

Bartlett test is one of the important statistical procedures pior to the comparison of avarages of more than two groups. This reveals the homogeneity of the variances of the groups. If significant (P is smaller than 0.05), the variances are not homogenous, then Kruskal Wallis test / Friedman test will be used to cpmpare the averages. If not-significant, one-way analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA) test will be used.

Chi Square test

Chi Square Test for iOS

Statistical tool for researchers, students, doctors, etc. Test for independence for 2xn contingency table. Chi-square test with automatic selected Yates' correction for continuity, Mantel-extension test and Wilcoxon rank-sum test are provided. For 2x2 table data, Fisher's exact probability is also provided.
When the levels are ordinal, refer to the results of Mantel-extension test. Test for the effect of factors, such as dose-response. It is often used for the matched pairs data, for example, before and after data


EpidemRisk for iOS

A tool of statistics. Designed for scientists, doctors, teachers, students, journalists,etc. Test for the Odds Ratio and the Relative Risk, for 2 x 2 contingency table. Fill the cells with integers, then click "Calculate" button. You will see the ratio with confidence intervals. This is an easy statistical tool to use.

Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test / SmirnovTest

SmirnovTest for iOS

Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
A tool of statistics. Designed for scientists, doctors, teachers, students, journalists,etc. Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test (K-S test) for an extreme element in the data. If significant statistically, the single extreme element may be rejected from the data.
This is an easy statistical tool to use.


ScreeningTest for iOS

A tool of statistics. Designed for scientist, doctors, teachers, students,etc. Calculated results are sensitivity,
false positive,
false negative,
positive predictive value,
negative predictive value,
prevalence rate,
odds ratio,
relative risk,
likelihood ratio for a positive finding (LR+),
likelihood ratio for a negative finding (LR-),
odds ratio of diagnosis,
odds ratio of misdiagnosis,
Youden's J,
Yule's Q.
The formulas and the meanings for each statistical values are also provided. At the start up view, the formulas are displayed before the values are typed. The meanings of the statistical values are explained in the info window.
This is an easy statistical tool to use.


McNemarTest for iOS

A tool of statistics for scientists, doctors, researchers, teachers, students, etc. This App contains both McNemar's test and Binominal exact test. For dichotomy paired data in statistics, McNemar's test is a non-parametric method to determine whether the row and column marginal frequencies are equal. McNemar's test is for comparison of proportions of paired data. When the row and column marginal samples are small, binominal exact probability is calculated in this App. This binominal statistic value is more reliable than McNemar's test in small number of cases. If the sample number is large enough (>25 in this App), binominal exact test is not necessary.

Paired t-test

PairedT for iOS

A tool of statistics for scientists, doctors, researchers, students, etc.
This App compare the averages of two related groups. The difference is tested. You input the subtracted number list onto the input field, then touch calculate button. The statistical results are displayed.

Unpaired t-test

unpaired t test

unpaired t test

A tool of statistics for scientists, doctors, researchers, students, etc.
This App handles unpaired t-test and Welch's t-test, that are automatically selected by variance comparison test. The confidence intervals of the difference of two averages are also provided.

This is a useful test for the comparison of mean for two independent groups.
At first, the variance (=standard deviation^2 = SD^2) of the data are tested. If the variance of the groups are not different, t-test (Student t-test) is applied automatically. If different, Welch's t-test is applied. When P value is less than 0.05, the averages of two groups are different. When P value is equal or more than 0.05, the averages are not different. If you like to know the confidence intervals of the mean difference, adjust the control bar. By default, variance criteria = 0.1, confidence interval=0.95. The total number of elements should not be over 100 elements.

one-way analysis of variance test (ANOVA)


You can compare the averages of multiple groups.
The one-way analysis of variance (one-way) ANOVA tests the null hypothesis that samples in two or more groups are drawn from the same population. This App is useful for researchers, doctors, teachers, students, financial analysts, etc.
Before you like to use this analysis, you need to make sure that the variances of the groups are not different using Bartlett test. "BartlettTest" is also for sale in iTunes App Store.


EDCpro for iOS

Expected date of confinement (EDC) calculator for doctors.
1. Info to EDC; EDC will be determined by ovulation, the last menstrual period (LMP), CRL size, BPD size, the date of embryotransfer (as 2W2D), and the date of blastcyst transfer (as 2W5D). When you touch the selected EDC, the pregnancy calendar is displayed. The CRL/BPD data are based on the Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine.
2. EDC to Info; At first, the EDC should be input. Then the pregnancy calendar is displayed. You can know the gestational week and day if you input the date you want to know. You can know the date if you input the gestational week and day.
3. Gestational week to Info; When you input the date and the gestational week which you want to investigate, then theEDC and the pregnancy calendar are displayed


Cochran for iOS

Cochran for iOS

This statistical analysis app for proportion's test includes the following two modules.
1. Cochran test, Mantel-Haenszel test.
Test for comparison of proportions of two groups. The level is nominal.

2. Cochran-Armitage test.
Test for trend in binomial proportions across levels of a single factor. The level is numeric.
(If you want to test two groups with the levels of ordinal variables, use "ChiSquare" app.)

L Regression

Linear and Logistic regression for iPhone

logistic linear
This statistical analysis app for at most ten pairs of data in terms of linear regression analysis or logistic regression analysis. Not only parameters but also regression line with 95% confidence intervals are presented.
1. Linear regression anlaysis.
Regression formula is presented. R2, 95% confidence intervals, with p-values are calculated.

2. Logistic regression analysis.
Regression formula is presented. Likelihood ratio index (R2), coefficients with p-values, Likelihood Ratio Statistic (= Deviance) with p-value, Residual Deviance are calculated.
The upper and lower 95% CI for referral, calculated by using least square method applying for logit function.


real Japan for iOS


We can think of our lives, as time goes, through our daily events such as marriage, birth, death, and so on, provided by the Japanese ministry of health, labor, and welfare. The budget of the Japanese government with relationship with our taxes makes us think of our lives. This data is also officially provided by the ministry of the internal affairs and communications.
Clocks for under_second, second, minute, hour, day, and year have been added. Data have been updated by the official release of Japanese government in 2012.
This is a universal app (available for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad) 蟀壼ァサ謨ー縲�屬蟀壽焚縲∝�逕滓焚縲∵ュサ莠。謨ー縲∝嵜螳カ遞主庶縺ェ縺ゥ縲∵律譛ャ莠コ縺ョ逕滓エサ縺ォ縺、縺�※蜈�率縺九i縺ョ邏ッ險医r1遘呈ッ弱↓陦ィ遉コ縺励※縺�″縺セ縺吶\ゅョ繝シ繧ソ縺ッ謾ソ蠎懷XIV蠑上ョ繝シ繧ソ(蜴夂函蜉エ蜒咲怐縲∬イ。蜍咏怐)縺ォ蝓コ縺・縺�※謗ィ螳壼\、繧定ィ育ョ励@縺ヲ縺�∪縺吶\�
iOS 7縺ォ蟇セ蠢懊@縺セ縺励◆縲JPnone/iPod touch縺ァ繧JPad縺ァ繧ょ茜逕ィ蜿ッ閭ス縺ァ縺吶\�
iOS 6 縺セ縺ァ縺ッ譎ゅr遉コ縺吶\鯉シ大捉縺ァ�醍ァ偵�驥昴\阪\檎ァ帝控⃝縲阪\悟�驥昴\阪\梧凾驥昴\阪\梧律驥昴\阪\悟ケエ驥昴\阪r陦ィ遉コ縺励※縺�∪縺励◆縺後\√Θ繝シ繧カ繝シreview縺ョ縺疲э隕九↓縺励◆縺後> iOS 7縺九i縺薙l繧峨�蜑企勁縺励∪縺励◆縲�


real Universe for iOS

real Universe for iOS

We can think of our lives, through our planet, our solar system, and the universe by seeing the number of movement of these as well as light travels.
Lorentz transformation is now visualized. A clock on a high speed rocket is shown, comparing a conventional clock on the earth. The rocket speed can be changed from 0.00 % to 99.999% of the light speed. The faster the rocket, the slower the clock on it by observers on the earth.


EDClite for iOS

Pregnancy calendar.
Expected date of confinement (EDC) or due date should be determined by your doctor. The gestational weeks and days at 40W0D (280th day) is the EDC. Pregnancy lasts about 38W0D (266 days) since fertilization.
Then, the beginning of the last menstrual period is the basis of calculation as 0W0D.
But, the early stage of embryo size measured by ultrasound or the date of embryo transfer or the blastcyst transfer is more accurate.
The delivery is classified as abortion (-21W6D), preterm delivery (22W0D-36W6D), term delivery (37W0D-41W6D), postterm delivery(42W0D-).
NOTE; The gestational month counting system in Japan is different from others. Traditionally, the first 4 weeks (0W0D-3W6D) is counted as the 1st month in Japan, though zero month in other culture. The Japanese counting system is used when you run in Japanese laguage system (Settings->General->International->Language). The western system is used when you run in English laguage system.
The EDC input is available from Jan 01, 1904 to Jan 01, 2999.

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